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Conquering Heights: The Bhaba Pass Trek 2024 Adventure Guide

8 Days

The Pin Bhaba Pass Trek is your gateway to two different worlds: Spiti (the cold desert), where the Pin Valley is dry and tenacious, and Kinnaur, where the Bhaba Valley is lush and lively. The benefit of reaching the Pass (4,915 M), the highest point of the hike, is that you can simultaneously see both worlds.

An experience unlike any other, the prayer flags, the panoramic view with an attack of greens on one side and browns on the other, and the knee-deep white snow are all present. This is why Pin Bhaba Pass still ranks as our top cross-country hike in the nation.

The Pin Bhaba trek begins in the quaint little Himalayan village of Kafnu (2,400 meters) in the Kinnaur Valley, climbs to 4,915 meters, and then descends to a little village in Spiti called Mudh (3,810 meters). The experience is nothing less than 8 days of seeing many different dimensions.

This route, which leads from the Kinnaur side via thick forests and shepherd’s trails into the vast, deserts of Spiti, is a striking illustration of how extremes may coexist. On this adventure, get ready for an overload of your senses.

Key Highlights of Bhaba Pass Trek

The Bhaba Pass Trek is replete with key highlights that promise an unforgettable adventure amidst the stunning Himalayan landscape. Here are some of the standout features:

  1. Scenic Drive from Delhi to Shimla: The journey begins with a picturesque drive from Delhi to Shimla, offering breathtaking views of lush valleys and towering mountains.
  2. Charming Village of Kafnu: Serving as the starting point of the trek, Kafnu welcomes trekkers with its rustic charm and warm hospitality, providing a glimpse into the traditional mountain way of life.
  3. Tranquil Forest Trails: Trekking through dense forests, trekkers are immersed in the serene beauty of the Himalayan wilderness, with the melodious chirping of birds and the rustle of leaves accompanying their journey.
  4. Alpine Meadows of Mulling and Kara: The trek leads through the pristine alpine meadows of Mulling and Kara, offering panoramic views of snow-capped peaks and verdant valleys, providing ample opportunities for photography and relaxation.
  5. Breathtaking Views from Phustirang: As trekkers ascend towards Phustirang, they are treated to mesmerizing vistas of the surrounding Himalayan peaks, including the majestic Kinnaur Kailash range, creating a truly awe-inspiring experience.
  6. Challenge of Bhaba Pass: Crossing Bhaba Pass marks the pinnacle of the trek, presenting trekkers with a thrilling ascent over rugged terrain and snow patches, rewarded with unparalleled views of the Himalayan panorama from the summit.
  7. Cultural Immersion: Along the trek, trekkers have the opportunity to interact with local villagers, gaining insights into their rich cultural heritage,

Quick Facts About Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

Duration: 8D/7N

Maximum Altitude: 16,125 ft.

Difficulty Grade: Moderate

Total Trek Distance: 48 km

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek Temperature: 13°C to 18°C and Night: 0°C to -7°C

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek best time: Mid-May to October

Base Camp: Kafnu

Start point: Shimla

Endpoint: Manali

Nearest Railway Station: Shimla Railway Station

How to Visit Bhaba Pass Trek

  1. Plan Your Trip: Decide on the best time to undertake the trek, typically during the summer months from May to October when the weather is favorable. Make necessary arrangements for transportation, accommodation, and permits.
  2. Travel to Shimla: Start your journey from Delhi by road or train to reach Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. Enjoy the scenic drive or train ride through the picturesque landscapes of the Himalayan foothills.
  3. Reach Kafnu: From Shimla, continue your journey by road to reach the charming village of Kafnu, which serves as the starting point of the Bhaba Pass Trek. The journey takes approximately 7-8 hours, passing through stunning valleys and quaint villages.
  4. Begin Trekking: Start your trek from Kafnu towards Mulling on Day 3 of the itinerary. Follow the trail through dense forests and alpine meadows, enjoying the breathtaking scenery along the way.
  5. Trekking Days: Follow the daily itinerary, trekking from Mulling to Kara, then to Phustirang, and finally to the base of Bhaba Pass, experiencing the diverse landscapes and natural beauty of the region.
  6. Cross Bhaba Pass: On Day 7, tackle the challenging ascent to Bhaba Pass, navigating through snow patches and rocky terrain to reach the summit. Take in the stunning views from the pass before descending to Mulling.
  7. Return Journey: Trek back to Kafnu from Mulling, retracing your steps through the picturesque trails. From Kafnu, travel back to Shimla by road, and then continue your journey to Delhi, reminiscing about the memorable experiences of the Bhaba Pass Trek.
  8. Departure: Arrive back in Delhi, concluding your adventure-filled journey through the majestic Himalayas. Take with you cherished memories and a sense of accomplishment from conquering the Bhaba Pass Trek.

Best Time to Visit Bhaba Pass Trek

The best time to embark on the Bhaba Pass Trek, following the itinerary provided, is during the summer and early autumn months, specifically from May to October. Here’s why:

  1. Weather: During this period, the weather in the Himalayan region, including the Bhaba Pass area, is generally mild and favorable for trekking. Days are pleasantly warm, and nights are cool, offering comfortable conditions for hiking.
  2. Accessibility: The summer and early autumn months see minimal snowfall, ensuring that the trails leading to Bhaba Pass are accessible and safe for trekking. This makes it easier to navigate the route and enjoy the trekking experience without encountering significant obstacles.
  3. Scenic Beauty: The Bhaba Pass region is known for its stunning natural beauty, including lush green valleys, colorful alpine meadows, and majestic snow-capped peaks. Visiting during the summer and early autumn allows trekkers to witness the landscape in full bloom, with vibrant flowers adorning the meadows and clear skies offering uninterrupted views of the surrounding mountains.
  4. Wildlife: This time of the year also offers opportunities for wildlife spotting along the trekking route. Trekkers may encounter various species of birds, including Himalayan monal and pheasants, as well as other wildlife such as blue sheep and Himalayan ibex.
  5. Cultural Festivities: Additionally, visiting during the summer months allows trekkers to experience the rich cultural heritage of the region. Many local festivals and cultural events take place during this time, providing a glimpse into the traditional way of life in the Himalayan villages.


- Distance: Approximately 350 km
- Time Taken: 8-10 hours by road
- Start early in the morning from Delhi to reach Shimla
- Enjoy the scenic drive through the picturesque landscapes
- Check into a hotel in Shimla and relax for the evening

- Distance: Approximately 200 km
- Time Taken: 7-8 hours by road
- Drive from Shimla to Kafnu, the starting point of the Bhaba Pass Trek
- En route, you'll pass through scenic valleys and charming villages
- Reach Kafnu by evening and stay overnight at a guesthouse or campsite

- Distance: Approximately 8 km
- Time Taken: 5-6 hours of trekking
- Begin the trek from Kafnu towards Mulling
- The trail passes through dense forests and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains
- Arrive at Mulling campsite by afternoon and set up camp
- Spend the evening relaxing and acclimatizing to the altitude

- Distance: Approximately 12 km
- Time Taken: 7-8 hours of trekking
- Trek from Mulling to Kara, gradually gaining altitude
- The trail ascends through meadows and alpine forests
- Reach Kara campsite by late afternoon and settle in for the night

- Distance: Approximately 10 km
- Time Taken: 6-7 hours of trekking
- Continue the trek from Kara to Phustirang
- Encounter some steep ascents and descents along the way
- Arrive at Phustirang campsite, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks
- Spend the evening enjoying the serene beauty of the Himalayas

- Distance: Approximately 11 km
- Time Taken: 6-7 hours of trekking
- Trek from Phustirang to the base of Bhaba Pass
- Traverse through high-altitude meadows and rocky terrain
- Reach the base campsite by afternoon and rest for the evening
- Prepare for the challenging ascent to Bhaba Pass the next day

- Distance: Approximately 15 km
- Time Taken: 8-10 hours of trekking
- Begin early in the morning for the ascent to Bhaba Pass
- The trek involves crossing snow patches and negotiating rocky terrain
- Reach the top of Bhaba Pass, marked by prayer flags, and soak in the panoramic views
- Descend carefully to Mulling campsite, where you'll spend the night

- Distance: Approximately 20 km (Mulling to Kafnu trekking), 200 km (Kafnu to Shimla by road), 350 km (Shimla to Delhi by road)
- Time Taken: 6-7 hours of trekking (Mulling to Kafnu), 7-8 hours by road (Kafnu to Shimla), 8-10 hours by road (Shimla to Delhi)
- Trek back from Mulling to Kafnu, retracing your steps through the scenic landscape
- Reach Kafnu by afternoon and board a vehicle to Shimla
- From Shimla, drive back to Delhi, marking the end of your memorable Bhaba Pass Trek adventure

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Conquering Heights: The Bhaba Pass Trek 2024 Adventure Guide