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Bijli Mahadev Trek, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh 2023

2 Days

The interior of the Kais Wildlife Sanctuary is where the Bijli Mahadev Naggar trekking trail finds its true allure. An excursion that is a treat in and of itself is the 15 km hike from Kullu town to the top of this peak. A 12km motorable road is also available for trekkers to use. With its diverse pine and deodar trees, the calm valley’s beauty is entrancing. The lovely apple, pomegranate, and pear orchards that are a feature of Jana Village add to its beauty. The walk becomes more fascinating by spending the night in Matikochar atop a forested ridge. Upon leaving the valley and reaching Naggar You’ll find that this weekend is enjoyable.

Discover Bijli Mahadev’s electrifying highlands

The well-known Bijli Mahadev temple is located above the Mathan hills. It is an incredible experience to hike 15 miles from Kullu City to the top of this peak.

The most pleasant part of the journey is in the interior of the Kais Wildlife Sanctuary if you follow the path starting from Bijli Mahadev all the way to Naggar. There is a motorable track that is 12 km long that hikers can take.

Time to go in Trek/ Temple :

The Bijli Mahadev temple is open the whole year for followers. but The months from March to September are considered the ideal time to visit the Bijli Mahadev Temple due to the pleasant weather. In Winter, Kullu becomes covered with snow, and incessant rainfall is also observed during that time.

Folklore and history

As a travel journalist, Tarun Goel is noted for calling Bijli Mahadev “Electric Mahadev.” The 60-foot staff at the temple is said to have received a blessing from God through lightning. The Shiva linga inside the temple is reputed to need to be repaired with butter and statue after each lightning strike because it is constantly broken into pieces. Because it bears the brunt of each storm, it is thought that the temple shields the valley in this way.


Altitude: 7,677 ft
Distance: 12 km keep the drive, 8 km trek
Time took: 6-7 hours

Altitude: 7,677 ft – 6,990 ft – 6,713 ft
Distance: 13 km
Time taken: 7-8 hours

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Bijli Mahadev Trek, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh 2023