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Buran Ghati Trek, Pabbar Valley Himachal Pradesh

8 Days

Every hike offers breathtaking terrain. We reluctantly admit that every trek also has a few rough spots. Even with the sharpest critical eye, it can be challenging to identify these flaws while on the Buran Ghati trek.

On this walk, there is never a moment when you feel let down. It seems as though the best elements of our Himalayan trips were taken from them and combined to create the ideal trek.

Janglik, a historic village that is evocative of the “untouched by civilization” settlements one would see on the Har Ki Dun walk, serves as the starting point for the trip. After ascending out of Janglik, the track enters a beautifully thick forest before bursting onto the Dayara meadows. Most hikers get to this point and halt in their steps, mouths hanging open in awe of Dayara Meadows.

You might assume that the meadows are over once you leave Dayara, but you couldn’t be more mistaken. Forests and meadows line the route to Lytham.


This walk, which will take you to an altitude of roughly 15000 feet above sea level, can be categorized as moderate to challenging.

The Dayara Meadows are a sight to behold, and Chandranahan Lake is another important lodestone that is covered in melting snow. The Dhauladhar range, which rises astonishingly 12,000 feet from the valley floor to form a stunning barrier wall, and Chander Nahan Lake, located close to Chansal Peak, are the main attractions of this location. Both are captivating.

Highlights of the Buran Ghati Trek

View the beautiful Dayara meadows and the dense, dark trees.

Become mesmerized by Chandernahan Lake’s magnificence, which will fill your bones with peace.

Enjoy mountains covered with snow, streams, waterfalls, ice walls, lengthy white slides, vast green plains, and more!

Get an opportunity to admire the peaks’ jagged edges and snow-covered summits at an elevation of 15000 feet. It’s incredible.

Quick Facts about Buran Ghati Trek:

Duration: 7D/6N

Altitude: 15000 ft.

Buran Ghati Trek Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Buran Ghati Trek Distance: 37 km

Buran Ghati Temperature: 17° C to -5° C

Best time for the Buran Ghati trek: Mid-May to early July & mid-September to mid-October

Starting Point: Janglik

Ending Point: Brua Village


Drive distance: 40 km | Drive Duration: 7-8 hours

Trek Distance: 7.5 km | Trek Duration: 5 hours | Altitude gain: 9,415 ft to 11,115 ft

Beautiful first day of the hike through pine and oak woodlands with streams crossing the trail. It emerges from the forest line into a huge area of meadows that are descending into the hills.

Trek Distance: 5.9 km | Trek Duration: 3-4 hours | Altitude gain: 11,115 ft to 11,485 ft

To start, the walk leads you through meadows, pine, and silver birch woodlands. A perfectly harmonious landscape is completed by the snow-covered, towering rocks that are behind the pine forests.

Trek Distance: 6.9 km | Trek Duration: 4-5 hours | Altitude gain and loss: 11,485 ft to 13,020 ft and back to 11,485 ft

Make your way to the waterfall's snout, where the stream emerges. The hike involves a moderate ascent. A treat is the closed alpine valley with patches of snow all over. From the lake, it is a long way to Lytham.

Trek Distance: 4.6 km | Trek Duration: 4-5 hours | Altitude gain: 11,485 ft to 13,425 ft

For a few hours, there is a steady incline through the valley, followed by a steep ascent to the Dhunda campground. This place gives a clear view of Buran Pass. Spend a moment admiring the beauty of the past and anticipating the excitement of the following day.

Trek Distance: 8.4 km | Trek Duration: 9-10 hours | Altitude gain and loss: 13,425 ft to 15,000 ft to 10,745 ft

An exhilarating ascent to the pass and an equally thrilling drop from 15,000 feet. The valley ahead is visible as far as the eye can see. A broad range of mountains dominates the scene beyond. Descend for another hour to reach a brook that must be leaped over boulders.

Trek Distance: 7.15 km | Trek Duration: 5 hours | Altitude loss:10,745 ft to 7,725 ft

The trail is full of unexpected changes in scenery, making hiking an amazing thrill. It's tough to find another route with such variety while descending. The trail quickly descends through the high-altitude pines, eventually giving way to a mixed forest of other trees.

Transportation from Barua to Shimla will begin at 1.00 PM. You'll arrive in Shimla at 10.30 p.m.

Day 8 :
Buffer Day

This depends completely on the weather conditions on the trek and the call will be taken by the trek leader.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Buran Ghati Trek, Pabbar Valley Himachal Pradesh