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Gaumukh Tapovan Trek – A Trip To The Ganges River’s Source

8 Days

One of the most satisfying hikes you will ever take is the Gaumukh Tapovan.

There are “little” summit views and “large” summit views. Not only do you get to experience the greatest vistas of Mount Shivling on the Gaumukh Tapovan hike. Mt. Shivling is visible from its foothills all the way to its peak. If you’re not familiar with Mt. Shivling, it’s one of our country’s most attractive-looking mountains. It makes sense why the mountain has been in our gold calendar each year since it was first released.

But hold on. You may see the Bhagirathi sisters from top to bottom in addition to Mt. Shivling. The three Bhagirathi sisters make up a massif that dominates the area, giving them an even larger appearance than Mt. Shivling at times.

Why is a decently fit beginner NOT suited for the Tapovan trek?

While planning your first journey in the Himalayas, there are a lot of moderate-grade hikes that we advise. Although Tapovan is likewise rated as “Moderate,” we DO NOT suggest using it as your first expedition. The trail reaches a significantly lower greatest altitude than the one that is considered to be excessively high.

The wide, rather easy trail leads to Bhojbasa. As you get closer to Gaumukh, the fabled snout of the Gangotri glacier, things start to change. There are some well-known “Moderate” treks that don’t need you to cross a glacier, notably deposited moraine, including Roopkund, Rupin, Goecha La, and others. Rocks, boulders, scree, and other detritus are carried by moraines.


Drive distance: 242 km | Drive Duration: 8 hours

Trek Distance: 10 km | Trek Duration: 6 hours

Moderate | Initial 300 m steep ascent followed by a very gradual ascent all the way.

3 hours and 5 kilometers were covered throughout the trek.

Moderate | First 100 m of rise to rejoin the track. The entire ascent to Bhojbasa is rather gradual.

Hike length: 6 kilometers; trek time: 9 hours

Difficult | a 2.5-hour ascent that is gradual. After a two-hour glacier hike, there is a one-hour, moderate ascent. The final 1.5 hours involve an incline.

Six kilometers were covered throughout the five-hour trek. The trail to Chirbasa is level and of moderate difficulty.

Hike length: 14 km; trek time: 8 hours

Difficult descent over an area of boulders

Drive distance: 242 km | Drive Duration: 8 hours

Day 8 :
Buffer Day

This depends completely on the weather conditions on the trek and the call will be taken by the trek leader.

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Gaumukh Tapovan Trek – A Trip To The Ganges River’s Source