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Gulabi Kantha Trek, Yamuna Valley Uttarakhand 2023

6 Days

Gulabi Kantha is located in the Great Mountains at a height of roughly 12000 feet above sea level. Trekking enthusiasts are aware of how this lush green meadow enhances the route to Gulabi Kantha. When trekking, one is surrounded by the Himalayan peaks like Bandarpunch Peak, Kalindi Sirkala, Shivalik Mountains, and Chaukhamba Peak. Even though this stunning location offers a challenging walk, it is still among the unexplored and lesser-known treks among the Indian trekking communities. Many news outlets learned about this location, and they used the assistance of many locals to explore this stunning location.

The immense variety of flora and wildlife as well as the views of sunrise and sunset over the enormous Himalayas are what makes this region so beautiful, despite the fact that it is unrecognized. Also, this location provides a wide range of adventure activities for the travelers that visit right now.

Uttarakhand’s Yamuna Valley is a breathtaking location with special significance for Hindus. There are numerous canals over its 1,376 km length in the Indo-Gangetic Plain.

From the Yamuna valley, you can see the snow-capped range that includes the Panchachuli Group, Nanda Devi, and Trishuli in breathtaking detail. Located at a height of 3,718 meters above sea level in Uttarakhand’s Yamuna valley, the Gulabi Kantha Trek is simple to moderate walk.


In the night take an AC train/AC Volvo for Dehradun by 22:30 hrs. Overnight Journey.

After a 6-7 hour drive & a distance of 165 meters from the meeting place, we will arrive at Hanuman Chatti, which is our base camp. You'll receive a briefing regarding the trek and other logistics after arriving at base camp. Nothing beats a bonfire and an organic supper to kick off your journey.

At 8:00 am today, we will depart from the base camp for our trip to Seema Thatch. After a 10-kilometer walk, reach Kandola at 2:00 pm. At 4:00 pm, when we get to Seema Thatch, we'll assist you to settle into your individual tents and call it a day.

Finally, the big day has arrived. From Seema Thatch to Gulabi Kantha, we will walk today. You wouldn't want to miss the dawn at 5:30 am before we begin the walk. After eating breakfast at 7:00 am, we will begin the 5 km hike to Gulabi Kantha, where we hope to arrive by 8:00 am. We will arrive at our destination after 4-5 hours. After the meal, you can stroll through the verdant meadows and take in the stunning 360-degree views of the snow-capped Bandarpunch peak, Shivalik Mountains, Kalindi Srikala, and Chaukhamba peak. We'll take a break for tea here before heading back to the Seema Thatch camp.

We will travel for 10 kilometers to reach Hanuman Chatti after eating breakfast. Then we get to Kandola at 1:00 pm. At 4:00 pm, we'll arrive at the Hanuman Chatti base camp. You will need to rest after a 7-8 hour walk. You can talk to other group members about your experiences as we call it a day there.

We'll head back to Uttrakhand's lovely capital on day five. We'll go out at lunchtime and, after a five to six-hour journey, arrive in Dehradun by sunset. From there, we'll board an AC train or an AC Volvo to travel to Delhi. Getting to Delhi by 11:30 a.m.

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Gulabi Kantha Trek, Yamuna Valley Uttarakhand 2023