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Kafni Glacier Trek Uttarakhand 2023

11 Days

Before beginning the Kafni Glacier walk, hikers must ascend to the Dhakuri pass, from which they may see the beautiful Himalayan peaks Nanda Khat and Maiktoli. Depending on the path you took, the glacier can be reached from either Almora or Kathgodam.

The Kafni Glacier Trek is tucked away in a serene and picturesque setting. It is situated in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand state’s Kumaon area, with the Pindar Valley to its left, the renowned peak of Nandkot below it, and the Nanda Devi Peak to its southeast.

River Kafni, a branch of the river Pindar, is created by the Kafni glacier. Again, the Alaknanda River is the source of Pindar, making it one of the two headstreams of the river Ganga.

Insights of the Kafni Glacier Trek

  1. Take on one of Uttarakhand’s most thrilling treks, which takes 11 days and 10 nights to complete.
  2. Go through picturesque towns and imposing mountains while learning about the locals’ cultures from your guide.
  3. Catch the serene splendor of the Himalayan Range surrounding the Pindar valley to the left and Nandkot below.
  4. Learn about one of Uttrakhand’s most well-known flowering plants, the rhododendron.
  5. Experience and see mountains covered with snow, dense forests, waterfalls, rivers, and streams of water.
  6. See a variety of wild creatures, including Blue sheep, Himalayan Black bears, and Mountain deer.
  7. Spend the night in Khati, where the locals are thought to be decedents of the race that provided the Pandavas with sanctuary.


On the very first day, start from Kathgodam and leave for Nainital.
Stay at night in Nainital in a hotel.

Trek for 11 km from Dhakuri to Loharkhet.
Overnight stay follows in a tented Camp.

Trek to Soung after having light food, and then will leave for Kathagodam.
Then get back to the destination.

After having light food, move to Soung by bus, which is 181 km, thereafter, trek for 3 km.
Overnight stay follows at a hotel or in camp.

Begin the day for Dhakuri.
Trek for around 11 km.
Stay overnight in a tented camp.

After having breakfast, start from Dhakuri to Dwali via Khati, which is a trek of 19 km.
Halt overnight in a tented camp.

Trek to Phurkia for 6 km.
Overnight stay follows in the camps.

After having breakfast, trek to Pindari Glacier called Zero Point.
Come back to Dwali, which is 17 km away.
Stay at night in a tented camp.

Trek further to Byalligair, the distance is 10 km.
Overnight stay is in tented camps.

Move for trekking to the glacier and get back to Dwali.
Halt overnight in a tented camp.

Trek from Dwali to Dhakuri, which is 19 km.
Overnight stay is followed in a tented camp.

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Kafni Glacier Trek Uttarakhand 2023