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Kedarnath Dham Trek Uttarakhand 2023

4 Days

Kedarnath Trek is a pilgrimage trek in Uttarakhand, India. The trek starts from Gaurikund and is approximately 18 km long, leading to the ancient Kedarnath Temple. This trek is known for its celestial aura, snow-peaked mountains, and the divine Jyotirlinga. Trek starts at Gaurikund, which has a hot water spring where pilgrims usually take a bath before starting the trek. Due to the 2013 flood disaster in Uttarakhand, the trek has undergone changes, and pilgrims are advised to follow the safety guidelines provided by the authorities.

Kedarnath Trek Entertaining or Not 

  1. Kedarnath Trek can be an entertaining and fulfilling experience for those who enjoy trekking and are spiritually inclined.
  2. The trek offers stunning views of the Himalayan mountains, dense forests, and rivers. It is also a pilgrimage trek, leading to the ancient Kedarnath Temple, which holds great significance among Hindus.
  3. The trek passes through several villages, giving trekkers a chance to experience the local culture and interact with the locals.
  4. It is important to note that the trek can be challenging, especially for beginners, and requires physical fitness and stamina.


The trek starts from Gaurikund, which is located near Guptkashi. On the first day, you can travel from Haridwar to Guptkashi, covering a distance of approximately 220 km and taking about 7-8 hours to complete. On arrival at Guptkashi, you can check into your hotel and rest for the night.

The second day involves a drive from Guptkashi to Gaurikund, which is the starting point of the trek. From Gaurikund, you can start the trek to Kedarnath, which is approximately 18 km long and takes about 6-7 hours to complete. You can stay overnight at Kedarnath in a hotel or campsite.

On the third day, you can trek back from Kedarnath to Gaurikund and then drive back to Guptkashi. You can spend the rest of the day exploring Guptkashi or resting at your hotel.

On the last day of the trek, you can travel back to Haridwar, covering a distance of approximately 205 km and taking about 8 hours to complete [3]. You can explore Haridwar or take a dip in the holy Ganges before concluding your trip.

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Kedarnath Dham Trek Uttarakhand 2023