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Kedartal Trek 2023 Uttarakhand

7 Days

An Uncommon Journey in the Great Mountains

For adventure seekers, there is the Kedartal hike. It is for trekkers who have completed a significant number of Himalayan treks and are ready to challenge themselves. A very magnificent experience is offered in exchange for the challenging hike.

The journey ascends to the glacial Kedartal lake, which is surrounded by a tumult of formidable mountains. Renowned mountains from our nation, including Mt. Thalaysagar, Mt. Bhrigupanth, Manda Parvat, Mt. Jogin, and Mt. Gangotri, rise in front of you in this cauldron. You set up camp under the intimidating Mt. Thalaysagar and Mt. Bhrigupanth.

Few treks allow you to get so close to such massive mountains. Fewer still let you spend that much time.


Drive distance: 242 km | Drive Duration: 8 hours

Take a short trek up one of the trails around Gangotri and then return to base.

Trek distance: 9 km | Trek Duration: 5-6 hours
Moderate-difficult. Steep ascent all the way. The terrain is rocky in many parts.

Trek distance: 4.25 km | Trek Duration: 3 hours

Trek distance: 5.40 km | Trek Duration: 8 hours

Trek distance: 8.50 km | Trek Duration: 8 hours

Drive distance: 242 km | Drive Duration: 8 hours

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Kedartal Trek 2023 Uttarakhand