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Pangarchulla Trek (with Kuari Pass) Uttarakhand 2023

7 Days

The Pangarchulla trek path provides you with one of the Indian Himalayas’ most breathtaking high mountain views and the satisfaction of reaching a summit at about 15,000 feet. The meeting dominates the area and offers an unparalleled 180-degree panorama of the central Garhwal ranges. You can clearly see Nanda Devi to your northeast, stretching to all of the prominent peaks of the Badrinath valley and ultimately reaching the heights of the Kedarnath valley on the west. To name a few: Chaukhamba massif, Mana, Hathi, Ghoda, Neelkanth, Changabang, Dronagiri, Mukut, Kamet, Abi Gamin, and Nanda Devi! And that’s not all! After the tree line, the terrain changes to fur-covered meadows. You will stroll through these grassy hills from Khullara to the Kuari pass.

Pangarchulla Peak Trek, one of the most renowned paths in the Garhwal Himalaya, is adorning the Lord Curzon circuit. The peak typically has rocky mountain terrain and snow cover. The snow treat will be the lone distinguishing feature of your wintertime excursion to Pangarchulla Peak.

The paves are encircled by magnificent snow-capped scenery, deep woods, and appealing lush foliage. This hike, with the sun shining on its summit, offers a close-up view of the Garhwal region. Many decide to embark on this trek solely to take in the magnificent scenery of Nanda Devi, Mana, Hathi, Lampak, and Dronagiri.

Highlights of the Pangarchulla Trek

At a height of 15,069 feet, hike through the rocky ridge to reach the captivating peak.

See the Nanda Devi Sanctuary, a visual feast with a landscape that varies with every upward heave and downward scurry.

Experience the thrill of viewing magnificent peaks like Mt. Nanda Devi, Chaukhamba, Donagiri, Kedarnath, Neelkanth, Haathi-Parbat, Ghori Parbat, and many others.

Have the chance to experience some of the spectacular views of the mountains, valleys, and deep forests.


Early in the morning (6:30 am), drive a Tata Sumo or a comparable vehicle from Rishikesh to Joshimath.
The winter residence of Lord Badri, whose idol is transported from Badrinath Temple to Narsingh Temple in Joshimath, is known also as Jyotirmath.

The trip should take around ten hours. Yes, it is a challenging yet beautiful mountain drive.

The river flows beneath you as you make your way along the mountainside the entire way. (You are fortunate to witness the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers joining at Devprayag.)
By the time we get to Joshimath in the evening (at around 5 pm), you'll be served evening tea and receive a briefing on the hike.
Take a nap and then eat dinner.

You were driving time of 10 km (30 min) to Dhak (7000 feet). Guling (9,650 feet) is a 6 km, 5-hour trek. Camp elevation: 9,650 feet. Time required: roughly 6 hours Gradient of the hike: Water sources: At the settlement of Kharchi, you can fill your bottles.

After a short 10-kilometer journey, start your day with a delicious breakfast and arrive at the starting site of the hike to Gulling.
See the enormous mountains before you, including the most spoiled mountain known as sleeping Lady Mountain; God is truly a marvelous creator.
From the meadows, continue walking through lush forests teeming with different bird species until you arrive at the picturesque plains.
Drop down to another area of thickets with Oak, Chestnut.

In, Inpity Up! We are getting ready for the most exciting day. The journey to Khullara will be moderately strenuous and ascend all the way.

The trail travels through a dense forest of oak, rhododendron (usually pink and white), walnut woodland conifer, and little flowing streams, all of which evoke a sense of peace.

After you arrive at the campsite, eat lunch.

The rest of the time can be spent at the campsite admiring the stunning nature of the area.

After dinner, spend the night in a tent.

Start your trek to Kuari Pass after breakfast.

Starting off steeply from Khullara, the path continues along the mountain crest until it passes through a snow area to reach the summit.

Prepare yourself for the magnificent views of the majestic Mountains from the top. Appreciate the stunning views of Tali, Chaukhamba, Dronagiri, and Chitrakantha.

By afternoon, we'll arrive in Khullara, where lunch will be provided.

The remainder of the day is free time.

The tourists are urged to talk about their adventures.

We enjoy hearing about your travels! Dinner will be served later, and then you'll stay the night.

Start your day early, about 5:00 AM, with a full meal, and then begin your hike by climbing mountain slopes to reach a ridge that will take you to the top.

This difficult ascent winds across steep, uneven terrain.

Due to the early start, while you traverse deep snowy paths, you will be in awe of the pristine, mesmerizing dawn sights.

The summits of Mt. Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Changabhang are a sight to behold on this path up to the Pangarchulla peak.

Take your time admiring the wonders before continuing your descent to the camp.

As you get to the camp, you can relax and enjoy your accomplishment of the walk.

You may decide to descend to Khullara on foot.

Early in the morning, breakfast will be served, and then you'll depart for Joshimath. While traveling, have lunch.
In the late afternoon, arrive in Joshimath.

Have your evening tea and then have a debriefing.

The rest of the evening can be spent any way you like. Eat your meal, then call it a day. Stay the night in Joshimath.

With your heart and spirit full of memories, the party will depart for Rishikesh following breakfast.
As soon as you are left off in Rishikesh, your tour is over. (Route 255 or so km)
On Day 6, you will arrive at Haridwar between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. After 8 o'clock, you can make your travel arrangements.

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Pangarchulla Trek (with Kuari Pass) Uttarakhand 2023