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Be The Part Of Majestic Heights: Patalsu Peak Trek 2024, Manali

4 Days

Welcome to the exhilarating world of trekking, where each step unveils breathtaking landscapes and every summit conquered offers a sense of accomplishment. Nestled in the serene beauty of Himachal Pradesh, the Patalsu Peak Trek stands as a testament to nature’s grandeur and a challenge for adventure enthusiasts.

Embark on a journey with four days of awe-inspiring vistas, physical exertion, and soul-stirring experiences. Beginning from the bustling streets of Delhi, the trek takes you through the charming town of Manali, serving as a gateway to the mighty Himalayas.

As you traverse the picturesque landscapes of Manali and ascend towards the Patalsu Base Camp, anticipation builds for the ultimate goal – reaching the summit of Patalsu Peak. Each day brings new challenges and delights, from navigating verdant forests to conquering rocky terrains, all leading up to the pinnacle moment atop the majestic peak.

With careful planning and determination, the itinerary ensures a well-paced journey, allowing ample time for acclimatization and exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker seeking a new conquest or a novice eager to test your limits, the Patalsu Peak Trek offers an unforgettable adventure.

Join us as we delve into the details of this remarkable trek, uncovering the beauty of the Himalayan wilderness and the thrill of conquering heights. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey where every step brings you closer to nature’s splendor and your inner strength.

The Patalsu Peak Trek Details

  • Beginning in Manali, the journey leads you via the enchanted villages of Solang and Shagadugh.
  • The journey requires you to navigate some steep inclines, constrained ridges, and moraines, but it is fascinating because of the Himalayan majesty in the background and the presence of giants like Friendship Peak, the Dhauladhar Ranges, Shitidhar, etc. directly in front of you.
  • Find the unique Himalayan plants and animals on your adventure.
  • When you relax in the Himalayan campground, tell your friends about your trip. While on the trek, you can converse with Himachal Pradesh residents to learn more about their vibrant culture.
  • You will go the entire 16 KM trek distance in 4 days, reaching an altitude of 13,845 feet.
  • There are three meals included in the package: a filling breakfast, a healthy lunch, and a delicious evening.
  • Make sure you have enough thermals and jackets to keep you warm in the 3° to -4°C range at night and the temperature range of 16° to 20° during the day.
  • To ensure the trekkers’ absolute safety and hygiene, all tools, dining spaces, lodging, etc. are cleansed before and after every usage.

Short Facts

  • 16 KM of trekking distance
  • 16° to 20°C during the day and 3° to -4°C at night.
  • 13,845 ft. is the highest point.
  • Easy to moderate ATM difficulty: Manali is the final location where you can find an ATM.

Key Highlights of Patalsu Peak Trek

  1. Scenic Drive from Delhi to Manali
    • The journey begins with a picturesque drive from Delhi to Manali, spanning approximately 550 kilometers.
    • Enjoy the changing landscapes as you traverse through the scenic routes of Himachal Pradesh.
  2. Solang Valley Exploration
    • Explore the charming Solang Valley, renowned for its stunning vistas and adventurous activities.
    • Take in the panoramic views of snow-capped peaks and lush greenery surrounding the valley.
  3. Patalsu Base Camp
    • Set up camp at the serene Patalsu Base Camp, nestled amidst the tranquility of the Himalayan wilderness.
    • Experience the thrill of camping under the starlit sky, surrounded by towering mountains.
  4. Summiting Patalsu Peak
    • Conquer the summit of Patalsu Peak, standing at an altitude of 4,220 meters.
    • Challenge yourself with a rewarding trek to the peak, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and peaks.
    • Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayas stretching as far as the eye can see.
  5. Adventurous Trekking Experience
    • Embark on an adventurous trekking journey through diverse terrain, including lush forests, rocky trails, and alpine meadows.
    • Encounter the rich biodiversity of the region, with chances to spot native flora and fauna along the way.
  6. Cultural Immersion in Manali
    • Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Manali, known for its warm hospitality and traditional charm.
    • Explore local markets, sample delectable cuisine, and interact with the friendly locals, gaining insights into their way of life.
  7. Memorable Journey from Start to Finish
    • From the exhilarating trekking experience to the breathtaking landscapes, the Patalsu Peak Trek promises a journey filled with unforgettable moments.
    • Each day brings new adventures and discoveries, leaving you with cherished memories to last a lifetime.

How to Visit Patalsu Peak Trek

  1. Planning and Preparation
    • Research and plan your trip well in advance, considering factors such as weather conditions, fitness levels, and necessary permits.
    • Pack appropriate clothing, trekking gear, and essentials for the journey, including sturdy hiking boots, warm clothing, sleeping bags, and trekking poles.
  2. Travel to Manali
    • Begin your journey by traveling from Delhi to Manali, either by road or air.
    • Opt for a comfortable mode of transportation and plan for a journey of approximately 12-14 hours by road or a shorter flight to Bhuntar Airport, followed by a scenic drive to Manali.
  3. Accommodation in Manali
    • Choose accommodation in Manali that suits your preferences and budget, ranging from hotels and guesthouses to homestays and campsites.
    • Book your stay in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak trekking seasons.
  4. Arrival in Manali
    • Upon reaching Manali, acclimatize to the altitude and explore the town’s attractions, including local markets, temples, and cafes.
    • Take some time to relax and adjust to the mountain environment before starting the trek.
  5. Trekking to Patalsu Base Camp
    • Begin your trek from Manali to Solang Valley, followed by a trek from Solang Valley to Patalsu Base Camp.
    • Follow the designated trail and enjoy the scenic views along the way, including lush forests, meadows, and mountain streams.
    • Set up camp at Patalsu Base Camp and prepare for the summit attempt the following day.
  6. Summiting Patalsu Peak
    • Rise early and embark on the challenging ascent to Patalsu Peak, aiming to reach the summit by midday.
    • Trek carefully, following the trail markers and keeping a steady pace to conserve energy.
    • Enjoy the breathtaking views from the summit, capturing memorable photographs and savoring the achievement of conquering the peak.
    • Descend safely back to Patalsu Base Camp, where you can rest and rejuvenate before continuing the trek.
  7. Return Journey to Manali and Delhi
    • Trek back to Solang Valley from Patalsu Base Camp, followed by a drive back to Manali.
    • Spend another night in Manali, celebrating the successful trek and reflecting on the memorable experiences.
    • Depart from Manali to Delhi, either by road or air, completing the four-day journey with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
  8. Safety Tips
    • Ensure proper acclimatization by taking gradual altitude gains and staying hydrated throughout the trek.
    • Follow safety guidelines, including staying on marked trails, avoiding trekking alone, and carrying essential safety equipment such as a first-aid kit and communication devices.
    • Respect the natural environment and leave no trace of your presence to preserve the beauty of the wilderness for future trekkers.

Best Time to Visit Bara-Bhangal Trek

The Bara-Bhangal Trek, known for its rugged terrain and remote villages, offers a challenging yet rewarding trekking experience in the Indian Himalayas. To make the most of your trekking adventure, it’s essential to choose the right time to visit. Here’s a guide to the best time to embark on the Bara-Bhangal Trek:

  1. Summer Season (May to June)
    • The summer months of May to June are considered the best time to visit the Bara-Bhangal Trek.
    • During this period, the weather is relatively stable, with clear skies and mild temperatures, making it ideal for trekking.
    • The trails are less prone to landslides or heavy rainfall, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable trekking experience.
    • The surrounding landscapes come alive with vibrant colors, lush greenery, and blooming wildflowers, adding to the scenic beauty of the trek.
  2. Post-Monsoon Season (September to October)
    • Another favorable time to visit the Bara-Bhangal Trek is during the post-monsoon season from September to October.
    • As the monsoon rains recede, the weather becomes more pleasant, offering clear views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
    • The trails are generally dry and stable, making trekking conditions favorable for adventurers.
    • Autumn brings a beautiful array of colors to the landscape, with forests adorned in hues of gold, orange, and red, creating a picturesque setting for trekking and photography.

Learn Before You Trek to Patalsu Peak

  • Take enough time to acclimate at high altitudes because the climatic conditions differ from those in the plains.
  • In the event of catastrophes or natural disasters, the management retains the right to alter the route.
  • Before starting the hike, see a doctor. While trekking, have a first aid kit and some basic drugs.
  • It is advised to pack enough warm clothing and the appropriate footwear for the walk.
  • To enjoy a secure journey, pay attention to the instructors and trek leaders.
  • Do not encourage littering at nearby sites or tents as the hike passes through an environmentally friendly area. Littering travelers risk fines.
  • Encouragement of nighttime trekking should only happen if a guide is with you and it is part of the schedule to avoid unplanned catastrophes.
  • Avoid wearing earbuds on the hike; doing so could make you less audible.
  • Maintain the destinations’ ecological balance by not utilizing plastic bags.


- Distance: Approximately 550 km
- Time Taken: 12-14 hours
- Depart from Delhi early in the morning and travel to Manali by road.
- Arrive in Manali, check into a hotel, and rest for the night.

- Distance: Approximately 13 km
- Time Taken: 1 hour drive
- After breakfast, drive to Solang Valley from Manali.
- Start trekking from Solang Valley to Dhundi, covering a distance of about 8 km.
- Set up camp at Dhundi and spend the night under the starlit sky.

Distance: Approximately 10 km (round trip)
- Time Taken: 7-8 hours
- Begin the trek early in the morning towards Patalsu Peak.
- Trek through scenic landscapes, crossing meadows and rocky terrain.
- Reach Patalsu Peak summit, enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, and spend some time exploring the area.
- Descend back to Dhundi and continue trekking back to Solang Valley.
- Overnight stay in Solang Valley.

- Distance: Approximately 540 km
- Time Taken: 12-14 hours
- After breakfast, depart from Solang Valley and drive back to Delhi.
- Arrive in Delhi by evening, concluding the Patalsu Peak Trek with unforgettable memories.

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Be The Part Of Majestic Heights: Patalsu Peak Trek 2024, Manali