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Dodital Hanumanchatti Trek, Uttarakhand 2023

6 Days

An easy hike that leaves from the Bhagirathi Valley ascends to the Dodital Lake, which is surrounded by ideal wildness, passes through the alpine meadows, and then traverses the Darwa Pass (4150 M) to reach the Yamuna watershed. The Gujjars have historically utilized this route continually to transport their buffalo to the high meadows each summer, along with the odd sadhu traveling between Gangotri and Yamunotri. This hike is a fantastic summer vacation.

Facts of Dodital Hanumanchatti Trek

It takes around 5 kilometers to reach Darwa Pass (4150 M) (2-3 hrs). The entire journey is uphill. Beginning with the ascent up the feeder to Dodital, a dense birch woodland opens up onto the high meadows. The Bandarpunch range of peaks may be seen in an amphitheater from the pass.


Trek - 6 Kms

The starting point for the Dodi Tal walk is Sangam Chatti. Cross the bridge over a small creek and begin the hike through a deep forest once you get to the Sangam Chatti taxi stand. The trail continues to Agoda Village after passing through a village and a part of a landslide. Agoda can be reached from Sangam Chatti in about 3 hours.

Trek - 16 Kms

After breakfast, begin ascending to Dodital. Dodital's relatively simple trail winds through a stand of oak and deodar trees. There are also several rhododendron trees to be found here. The hike offers picturesque vistas of vast valleys, deep canyons, and both wide and tiny pathways.

After arriving in Manjhi, a lovely settlement with shepherd cottages, the vista opens up. From Manjhi, it will just take a few hours to get to Dodi Tal. Visit the Lord Ganesha temple while admiring Dodital's splendor. To observe this enigmatic lake from each end, complete the parikrama around it.

Trek 5 kilometers at 4 150 m StayCamps

The hardest day of the hike is today. Start the 5-kilometer arduous journey to Darwa Top after an early breakfast. At 4150 meters above sea level, where Darwa Top is located, the weather may be quite changeable. Keep to the right of the creek as you climb the trail. As you climb in elevation, the rhododendron tree line will start to disappear. While hiking to Darwa Top, you could also come across Himalayan Monal.

You will soon arrive in Darwa Meadow. Uphill climbing must continue until you reach Darwa Pass. While Darwa Top is located on the left side of the ridge, the trail to Bamsarukhal Pass is on the right. Huge Banderpoonch and Kala Nag peaks, as well as a number of other recognized and unidentified summits, are clearly visible.

12 km Trek Stay Camps

From Darwa Pass, we will hike down to Seema and Kanasar. Go down to the Kanasar forests to observe the other, less frequently seen side of the Banderpoonch Mountains.

Walk 5 kilometers

After breakfast, hike down to Hanuman Chatti. As you arrive at Hanuman Chatti, you can choose to rest or go exploring on your own.

Departure from Hanumanchatti after breakfast. Here is where our trek ends.

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Dodital Hanumanchatti Trek, Uttarakhand 2023