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Friendship Peak Trek, Manali, Himachal Pradesh

10 Days

The Friendship Peak, which towers at a height of 5,289 meters in the Pir Panjal range in Himachal Pradesh, is one of the most well-known trekking summits in the Indian Himalayan region. It is a trekker’s heaven. At the summit, one may take in the panoramic vista of the Pir Panjal range set against the Great Himalayan and Dhauladhar mountain ranges’ silver horizons. One of Himachal Pradesh’s most difficult treks is the Friendship Peak Trek, thus anyone planning to walk here should have a lot of expertise in climbing steep mountains.

The route travels through the stunning Solang Valley, which is home to multiple alpine meadows, a dense forest scattered with different species of alpine trees, vibrant orchards, and a number of small, flowing streams. The trail will start to present difficulties when hikers must ascend over deep snow, traverse glacial footprints, and negotiate narrow ridges at a high altitude. The Hadimba Temple in Manali, the hot springs of Vashisht, and the Naggar Roerich Art Gallery are the trek’s main draws in addition to the beautiful vista.

The Friendship Peak climb starts in Solang, a valley at an elevation of 2,050 meters that is a couple of hours’ drive from Manali. To reach Bakarthach (3050 m), one must walk upwards from Solang after passing through a lovely valley and a dense forest. The journey will also go on to Friendship Peak’s base camps I and II. The action begins on the trail from Base Camp II as hikers must ascend across a deep snowball and continue to the summit. The route then continues on a steady descent towards Bakarthach, descends further to Solang, and culminates at Manali.

Highlights of the Friendship Peak Hiking Trip

Advanced Base Camp (ABC) to Bakarthach Solang Valley Trek

Hadimba Devi Temple, lush forests, and valleys

Best Time to Visit Friendship Peak Trek

Mid-June- Mid-October

June – July

The temperature during the afternoon: is 12-20 °C

The temperature during the evening and night: (-2) to 6 °C

September – October

The temperature during the afternoon: is 12-18°C

The temperature during the evening and night: (-6) to 4 °C

The Friendship Peak Trek is where?

A journey to Friendship Peak, which is in the Pir Panjal Range at an elevation of 5289 meters, is perfect for inexperienced and aspiring mountaineers. In order to get to Friendship Mountain, which is in the Beas Kund region, one must cross glaciers, rugged moraines, lush green valleys, and forests. The journey to Friendship Peak starts in the Solang-Nalla Valley and travels via Bakarthach following a series of exhilarating ascents and descents. With enough endurance and the right instruction, even the most inexperienced climbers might attempt the peak, which is regarded as one of the simplest in the Himachal Pradesh highlands.


The AC Volvo will depart from the Delhi meeting spots at six o'clock in the evening. You will be in Manali in about 12–13 hours. travel in an AC Volvo during the night.

Day 2 :

The long, 12- to 13-hour drive in a Volvo will bring travelers to Manali by dawn. Visitors will be taken to the hotel after arrival. You can explore Manali on this day. Hotel stays for the night.

This thrilling climb to Friend Peak will start with a trek via one of Himachal Pradesh's busiest hiking routes. A jeep will take you to Solang Valley early in the morning to check into a motel. After breakfast at the guesthouse in Solang Valley, you will put your belongings into vans and go to Dundi, where the walk begins. You will go from Palchani Tach to Bakerthach on the third day. The remainder of the day can be spent by trekkers exploring Bakerthach. In the encampment of Bakerthach, supper is provided.

Trekkers will begin their journey to Beas Kund, a sacred river in Himachal Pradesh, after breakfast. Beas Kund is a well-known rest area for numerous different hiking routes, including Shitidhar, Ladakh, and Manali. The Beas Kund Glacier is seen on the journey as it leads to Base Camp. The camp at Beas Kund will provide lunch and dinner. Stay the night at the camp.

After breakfast, visitors will participate in a training session where they will learn how to use the equipment. The guides in this training program will get you ready to face the snow glaciers you may have to cross in the coming days. Let yourself some time to become acquainted with the climbing boots, crampons, and harnesses. You become accustomed to your tools and learn how to effectively arrest slope falls. Tourists will have lunch after the training sessions, then pack for the advanced camping. Staying the night in the Beaskund camp after dinner.

You will go uphill for about 4-5 hours to the advance base camp after breakfast. The setting of the advanced base camp is magnificent, nestled among the mountain ranges. Trekkers will pitch their tents while enjoying the beauty of the highlands. One can witness views of stunning ranges including Hanuman Tibba, Maker Beh, Shiker Beh, and the largest Friendship peak from the advanced base camp site. Staying the night in the advanced base camp after dinner.

The trip to the summit will start quite early in the morning, at 3 AM. You will need to walk for six hours to get to the peak from the base camp. You will traverse numerous crevasses, glaciers, and snow peaks on this difficult hike. Trekkers should be able to reach the summit by nine in the morning if everything goes according to plan. Visitors will have an unobstructed view of the nearby mountains, towns like Lahaul & Spiti, and Manali from the summit of the hill. Visitors will spend some time at the peak before returning for lunch to the advanced base camp. They will walk downwards to Bakarthach camp after lunch. Spend the night in the Bakarthach camp.

Follow the same route back to civilization. After breakfast on the eighth day, hikers will make their way down to Dhundi, the trailhead. A four-wheeled vehicle will transport you to Manali from Dhundi. You will have the chance to explore Manali after lunch. Make sure to visit Hadimba, Vashisht's hot springs, and perhaps even the Naggar Roerich Art Gallery. At the hotel where you are staying in Manali, supper has been planned.

Tourists are free to explore Manali on the ninth day. The AC Volvo that will transport you back to Delhi is at 4:30 PM. Volvo overnight travel.

Day 10 :

Arrival in Delhi in the early morning, the adventure of the Friend’s peak trekking comes to an end.

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Friendship Peak Trek, Manali, Himachal Pradesh