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Madmaheshwar Temple Trek, Uttarakhand 2023

6 Days

From Uniana, MadMaheshwar is a moderate 21-kilometer hike. Uniana, located 18 kilometers from Ukhimath, serves as the trek’s starting point. The area has diverse plants and animals, including the critically endangered Himalayan Monal pheasant and Himalayan Musk Deer in the Kedarnath Wild Life Sanctuary.

Uniyana – Ransi Village (3 km), Gaundhar (6 km), Bantoli (1 km), Khatara – Nanu, and Madhyamaheswar are the stops on the trekking route.

On the way to Madhyamaheshwar, two significant locations are Gaundhar and Kalimath. The Sidh Peeth, as Kalimath is known, is significant to the numerous pilgrims who travel there searching for spiritual solace (Spiritual center). The shrines are to the goddesses Mahakali and Mahalakshmi, as well as to the deity Shiva and one of his ferocious.

Best Time To Visit Madmaheshwar

Summers in Madmaheshwar (from April to August) are very pleasant, with an average temperature of 15°C. Summer is the best season for sightseeing, visiting temples, and exploring neighboring attractions.
Madmaheshwar experiences sparse rains throughout the monsoon season (September to November). The hill’s panoramic views are particularly beautiful in the rain, making this time of year a fantastic one for sightseeing.

Winters in Madmaheshwar (December to March) are frigid, with average low temperatures hovering around 4°C. Minimum temperatures can fall below zero.


- Drive to Ukhimath takes about 6 to 7 hours.

- After reaching Ukhimath, stay overnight in a lodge/hotel or a tent.

- From Ukhimath, the trip is simple, although you will need to make your way slowly through a few charming settlements like Ranshi.

- The well-paved path from Ukhimath to the settlement of Goundar travels through a forest populated with rhododendrons, oaks, pines, and maple trees. A few wild creatures and some stunning birds can be found in the vicinity. You arrive at your next rest stop after a short, easy hike, and spend the night there in a hotel, lodge, or tent.

- The journey begins in the village of Goundar and is initially gradual before becoming a bit steeper but still moderate later on.

- You can reach the little Bantoli village after trekking for 1 km from Gaundhar, where you'll see the unrivaled splendor of the Madmaheshwar Ganga and thick woodlands. The Madmaheshwar Ganga, or Mourkhanda River, which originates in Chaukhamba, and the River Madmaheshwari, which originates in Nandikund, meet here. The trail passes past this lush Bantoli town before ascending steadily to upper-Bantoli. Now, a difficult hike leads to the Madmaheshwar Valley's final destination, where the revered holy site resides.

- Ascend the summit of this Madmaheshwar trek package to see the natural beauty and spiritual significance of the area, then trek for 10 kilometers to the base camp. The same as the ascent, the descent's trail is abundant in wildlife and natural beauty.

- You arrive in Gaundar village after a 10-kilometer descent, where you have plenty of time to talk to locals and learn about the area. Spend the night in a tent or a motel after dinner.

- The fifth day of the Madmaheshwar trek package returns you to the Ukhimath settlement. The same route that was taken during the ascent can be easily traversed and is well-paved. The journey back to the charming and lovely Ukhimath, a well-known holy sanctuary, takes about three hours.

- After taking a short break and replenishing with lunch and tea, you can go sightseeing, take a village tour, or visit one of the neighboring sacred temples. Engage with the locals to find out more about their way of life or the town's mythological significance. After dinner, relax in your comfortable tent or room and get a good night's sleep.

- Have breakfast and get ready to say goodbye to this beautiful place.

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Madmaheshwar Temple Trek, Uttarakhand 2023