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Panchachuli Base Camp Trek, Darma Valley Dharchula, Pithoragarh

6 Days

Panchachuli peak offers exotic scenery surrounded by fauna and flora. This peak lies in the Eastern Kumon Himalaya in the Darma valley of Pithoragarh district, close to the borders of Tibet and Nepal in Uttarakhand. The Panchachuli peaks are a group of five snow-covered Himalayan peaks. The altitudes range from 6,334 m to 6,904 m. Panchachuli peaks are covered with glaciers, and routes covered with snow feel like walking on the snow clouds.

This is six days of adventure travel from Haldwani to Panchachuli, and the whole path across with mountains, gushing streams, and alpine meadows with their beautiful diversity. This mesmerizing journey becomes a part of the local culture and local healthy food. The Panchachuli peak trek starts from Dhuktu Village, and the trek distance is 2.5 km. Dhuktu is a tiny village surrounded by mountains and a Dhauliganga glacier river stream. It is a beautiful journey covered with greenery, so be a part of nature.

The Important Things You Should Carry

This exotic journey will be conducted at high altitudes from 6,334m to 6,904., so there are some important things you should carry.

  • Winter clothes like thermals, caps, hand gloves, and jackets.
  • Medicines like cold, headache, pain killers, and your prescribed medication.
  • Waterproof Shoes should have a grip and be comfortable.


Day 1 :

Haldwani - Bhimtal - Kainchidham - Jageshwar Dham - Danya - Pithoragarh

Day 2 :

Pithoragarh - Malaynath Swami Temple Didihat - Dharchula - Nepal visit

Day 3 :

Dharchula to Panchachuli

Day 4 :

Panchachuli to Narayan Ashram

Day 5 :

Narayan Ashram to Gangolihat (Patal Bhuwneshwar Darshan)

Day 6 :

Gangolihat to Haldwani

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Panchachuli Base Camp Trek, Darma Valley Dharchula, Pithoragarh