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Panwali Kantha Trek, Tehri Garhwal Uttarakhand 2023

8 Days

Panwali Kantha trek is one of the greatest Hikes in Tehri Garhwal. Garhwal Himalayan high-altitude meadows can be found there. In addition to the thrilling bugs, it has fascinating species of flowers and herbs. The area is covered in Red and Pink Rhododendrons throughout April and May. (a shrub or small tree of the heather family, with large clusters of bell-shaped flowers and typically with large evergreen leaves, widely grown as an ornamental).

Trekkers do, however, benefit from the most breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges. A stunning view of the entire range of the Himalayan peaks at Yumnotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath brightens your day. Trekkers can see the snow-covered summits of Thalaysagar, Meru, Kirti Stambh, Kedar Dome, Kedarnath, Chaukhambha, Nilkanth, and other mountains during snowfall. The Sunset view from Panwali Kantha makes this area so remarkable for trekkers.

You might want to reserve a day at Panwali Kantha to explore the natural splendor of the Bugyals and take in the sunrise and sunset views. From Ghuttu, you can continue your trek all the way to Lata, which is close to Uttarkashi. It is a pleasant journey because of the beautiful scenery and relatively lower altitudes.

The Panwali meadows, in the northern Garhwal Himalayas, are home to several wild animals. Thus, if you’re lucky, you might see high-altitude creatures like the uncommon musk deer, weasels, and Bharal (blue sheep) Ghoral.


At 06:50 in the morning, board an AC train for Haridwar. Arrive at Haridwar around 11:25 a.m.; meet our guide here and take a road journey to Rishikesh. Check into the hotel upon arrival. The day is for unwinding. One can walk the surrounding areas in the evening. Hotel overnight stay.

We will drive to Ghuttu, a little Garhwal settlement that serves as the beginning point for the hike, in the morning.

We'll travel via picturesque villages and forests. We'll break for lunch. We will see the Tehri Dam and lake en route. When we get to Ghuttu, we'll stay for supper and spend the night camping.

We will begin our walk toward Panwali today. It will be a difficult walk that will involve nine kilometers of walking. We will set up a tent in a meadow close to a stream when we get to Panwali. Meals and a night spent camping.

Today we will begin our descent towards Magguchatti after breakfast. We'll have to navigate difficult terrain on today's walk. Camp after arriving in Maguchatti. Meals and a night spent camping.

After breakfast, we'll walk to Trijuginarayan, the site of what is thought to have been Lord Shiva and Parvati's wedding. After visiting the temple, we'll trek to Sonprayag. Today we will be near the river, a little before Gaurikund. Meals and a night spent camping.

We'll go to the thermal springs and the Gaurikund shrine in the morning. We will then travel to Kedarnath. Up until we reach Kedarnath, the entire walk today has been on a moderate incline. Camp after arriving in Kedarnath. Meals and a night spent camping.

We shall visit the Kedarnath Temple in the morning and after the Darshan, we will walk back to Gaurikund. We'll drive to Rudraprayag after lunch to settle into a hotel. Hotel stays for the night.

Post breakfast, we will drive down to Haridwar and from here catch the AC train for Delhi at 18:05 hrs. Arrival at Delhi by 22:45 hrs.

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Panwali Kantha Trek, Tehri Garhwal Uttarakhand 2023