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Pindari Glacier Trek – Kumaon Region Uttarakhand

10 Days

The Kumaon region of Uttrakhand has long attracted trekkers from all over the world because of its abundance of natural beauty. No trekker on earth can refuse the best baits that the region has been offering to adventure seekers for many years in the form of getaways. One such trekking route that will leave an indelible impression on your memory for the rest of your life is the trip to Pindari Glacier. It will lead you through the breathtaking scenery, snow-covered glaciers, and remote settlements of the Kumaon region.

The best thing about the Pindari Glacier trekking trail is that it rarely puts your stamina to the test because it is generally smooth.

Highlights of the Pindari Glacier Hiking Trip

  1. Wander around the Pindari Glacier.
  2. See the breathtakingly beautiful, lush Pindari hills scenery.
  3. The best part of the climb is Zero Point, an otherworldly beauty at 12,300 feet from where you can see the vista of stunning mountains around you. Get glimpses of the surrounding mountains at practically every bend of the journey.
  4. Cultural Perspective, Stroll through rhododendron forests that are lush and green. For bird watching, stroll through serene rhododendron forests.
  5. Summer (mid-March to mid-June) is the ideal time to visit the Pindari Glacier Trek.
  6. The greatest time to go trekking is probably now because hikers can easily brave the weather.
  7. mid-June through early September):
  8. The routes remain closed during the monsoon season, and trekkers are strongly advised to avoid going on a trek during this time because of the potential for road blockages, landslides, and rain.
  9. Spring (from late October to September):
  10. Trekkers should anticipate pleasant weather during the spring.
  11. Winter (mid-March through October):
  12. There is a probability of snowfall due to the possibility of temperatures as low as (-10) °C, so the roads will remain closed.


After an early breakfast, head to the train station where you will board an AC train at 6:00 am for Kathgodam. Arrive at Kathgodam around 11:20 a.m.; meet our guide here and have a Jeep ride to Almora. Arriving in the afternoon at Almora, followed by hotel check-in. Explore the area in the evening. Dinner and a hotel stay the following day.

Drive to Loharkhet after breakfast each morning, and then we will begin our ascent of Dhakuri from there. Day one of the journey is an 11 km descent into the Pindari valley followed by a moderate ascent to Dhakuri. Set up camp for the night as soon as you arrive. Dinner and a night spent camping.

After a hearty breakfast, we'll transport you to Loharkhet, where our trip will begin. You will discover the valleys and climb over stones along this challenging 8 km of hiking. Set up your tents and get ready for dinner when you arrive in Dhakuri.

You will hike today from Dhakuri to Dwali, which will take 5 to 6 hours, after eating breakfast. The chattering voice of Pinder Ganga will continue to vibrate in your ear during your 11-kilometer trek. You will arrive in Dwali, your final stop for the day, after navigating numerous log bridges and waterfalls. Staying the night in the Dwali camp after dinner.

Prepare for a 5-kilometer hike to Phurkia by eating a hearty breakfast first thing in the morning. This specific section is amazing because the entire way, you'll be rewarded with stunning views of snow-capped mountains.

Although it is a 7 km hike each way, today's start time is early. From the "touch zero" point, you can glimpse the magnificent Pindari glacier. The Pindari Valley will also be crossed. After dinner, head back to the camp to spend the night.

On the seventh day, you will trek downhill for 6-7 hours, covering an area of 19 km, from Dwali to Dhakuri. Dinner and overnight stay in the tents/rest house.

Start off for breakfast and prepare for a 13 km downhill hike through Loharkhet and Song to Bageshwar. You will be taken to a hotel for the night after arrival.

After breakfast, drive back to Kathgodam via Almora. On arrival, you will be transferred to a railway station, where you can catch your train to Delhi at 08:30 PM. Overnight journey.

Following your arrival in Delhi; the adventure of the Pindari Glacier Trek comes to an end.

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Pindari Glacier Trek – Kumaon Region Uttarakhand