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Ruinsara Tal Wildlife Sanctuary Trek, Sankari Range, Uttarakhand

8 Days

The Ruinsara Tal Trek is a sacred lake located not far from the Supin River’s source, also known as Ruinsara Gad. This journey is located in the Western Himalayan area of Uttarakhand, in the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary National Park. The Himalayas are without a doubt beautiful, have a brisk climate, and have lovely, tranquil green meadows.

What could be better than spending a few days here in peace? 3500 meters above sea level, at the base of Mount Black Peak Expedition. The surrounding landscape, which includes dwarf Rhododendrons and alpine grasslands, is what makes it special.

The most stunning lake in the Uttarakhand Himalayas is Ruinsara Tal, which is 1.7 kilometers long. Explore the holy glacial tal “Ruinsara Tal” while on the journey and continue along the path.

Overwhelming Views in Ruinsara Tal Trek

Ruinsara Tal is located among the unpolluted peaks, and you may enjoy stunning views of the Ruinsara Range, Mount Black Peak, Bandarpunch, and Swargarohini (I) (II) from there (III). Bali Pass, Dhumdhar Kandi Pass, or more than two hikes all start from this base camp.

The route from Devsu Bugyal to Ruinsara Tal, which meanders alongside the Ruinsara River, is both lovely and challenging. Even if it isn’t as challenging as the latter, one may compare the valley’s narrowness to Rishi Gorge from the Odari Nanda Devi Sanctuary because of the incredible variety of alpine flowers that line the river’s bank.

The Ruinsara Tal is a unique glacial lake situated in the Swargarohini mountain range. The nearby pastures are tidy and unspoiled.

Ruinsara Tal Tour via Beautiful Villages

Wander through the charming, bygone villages for a sense of simplicity and a wealth of heritage and culture. The wooden cottages and unique temple architecture are there. It is breathtaking in this valley. The old settlements of Dhatmir, Gangad, and Puwani, Osla, with their distinctive traditional cultures and folklore dance, make an impression on day one.

You might lose yourself for hours in the captivating Himachali architecture of the historic temples at Pawani, Osla. the strategy. A difficult one includes the Dhumdhar Kandi pass, the Black Peak Expedition Bali Pass Trek, and the Swargarohini base camp. The highest portions of the route are covered in snow throughout June and July.

Must Read about Ruinsara Tal Trek

Duration – 8 Days from Dehradun to Dehradun

Best Season – March, April, May, June, Sep, Oct and Nov or December

Level  Moderate

Highest Point – 3500 m

Trekking distance (total) (36 km)

Weather  Nights are cold and day temperature is pleasant during the season.

Winter temperature – -2°C to -10°C)

Summer temperature– 5°C to 15°C)

Starting point – Dehradun, Uttarakhand


Distance - 210 km | Time Taken - 8/9hours | (1920 meters)

Distance - 12 km | Time Took - 4/5 hours | (1920 meters)

Distance - 6 km | Time Took - 3/4 hours | (3000 meters)

Distance - 12 km | Time Took - 6/7 hours | (3500 meters)

Explore the Surroundings

Distance -12 km

(6/7 hours) Drive from Taluka to Sankri

Distance - 210 km | Time took - 7/8 hours

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Ruinsara Tal Wildlife Sanctuary Trek, Sankari Range, Uttarakhand