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Solang Valley Trek, Manali – Himachal Pradesh

2 Days

Solang Valley is one of the most beautiful and exciting places to visit in Manali. It is situated between the villages of Solang and Beas Kund and offers breathtaking views of glaciers and snow-capped mountains. This beautiful valley, located at an average elevation of 8,448 feet above sea level, is one of the most gorgeous sites in Manali.

Solang Valley is about 9 kilometers from Manali, with views of the Kullu Valley and the Beas River below. The Solang Valley journey takes you through pine trees and over steep slopes, as well as past the old settlements of Shang and Burua, where you may see rustic Himachali life.

The enormous slope of the Solang Valley is completely covered with snow throughout the winter, making it one of the best places in India to go skiing. Other snow activities include tubing, snowmobiling, and more. Summertime snowmelt transforms the ice slopes into lush green meadows, making this the ideal location for zorbing, ATV rides, paragliding, and horseback riding.

Solang Valley Trek Overview

Solang Valley Trek Location: Manali

Start Point/End Point: Old Manali

Start Time/End Time: The trek starts at 10:00 AM on day 1 and ends around 01:00 PM on day 2

Trekking in Solang Valley Highlights

  1. Enjoy one of Manali’s most breathtaking and exhilarating treks between Solang Village and Beas Kund.
  2. Enjoy the breathtaking vista of the snow-covered mountains and glaciers in the glittering Solang Valley.
  3. On the Solang Valley Trek, explore renowned pine forests, rugged trails, and numerous historic settlements.
  4. On this 9-mile trip, take in the stunning Beas River and the tranquil Kullu Valleys.
  5. The area transforms into one of India’s top skiing locations in the winter, giving enormous slopes to demonstrate various skiing maneuvers.
  6. Enjoy exhilarating summertime activities like zorbing, ATV rides, paragliding, and horseback riding.

Quick Facts for Solang Valley Trek

Trekking distance: 9 km

Maximum Altitude: 8,448 ft

Difficulty Level: Easy

How do you get to the beginning location of the Solang Valley trek?

You must check in at the campgrounds in Old Manali, which are located about 2 kilometers from Manali’s Mall Road and serve as the trek’s starting point. To get to Old Manali from Mall Road, there are numerous local transportation options and private taxis available.


Distance - 13 kms, Time took - 7 to 8 hours)

After arriving at the base camp in old Manali, you must complete a brief registration process.

Before embarking on the Solang Valley walk, you will pay a visit to the Manu Temple to ask for blessings.

The experience of the trip to the renowned Solang Valley will then commence with packed lunch.

Along the Beas River, you will pass through the old settlements of Shanag and Burua on your route to the valley.

At the end of the trip, you'll arrive at the famous valley, only to discover why it's so famous. In the winter, this grand location doubles as a ski resort, which is also the greatest time to visit.

Set up camp in the verdant meadows (or on the snow if it's winter) and spend the night in this beautiful area.

Spend some time taking stunning shots of the valley.

The next option is to take a bus back to the valley to continue your adventure, or you can decide to stay behind and engage in activities like paragliding, zorbing, skiing, etc.

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Solang Valley Trek, Manali – Himachal Pradesh