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13 Unexplored Villages in Darma Valley | Must visit

Darma Valley, Dharchula Pithoragarh

Dharchula is a block of the frontier district of Pithoragarh. In this block, many tribes are living in the Darma, Vayas, and Chaundas valleys. The Kaliganga and Dhauliganga River meeting a place called Twaghat. If we walk through the bank of Kaliganga, we will reach Vayas Valley and If we walk through Dhauliganga we will reach Darma Valley, and in the middle of both valleys, Chaundas Valley situated. 

Traditionally these are the main route for trade between India-Tibbat. During the trade, the traders go to Taklakot and Gyanima market town and trade with their Tibbatian friend. The people of Tibbat trade the hair of Yak, Goat, Wool, and Salt, and the People of India trade Sugar, lumpofmolasses and Ration. When people go for trade, women are growing crops mainly Kutu and Kafanr. They also grow fruits and vegetables.

Darma Valley is a noted place in the whole country for its exclusive beauty. From the last 3 year, the transport facility is increased and tourism is advancing in these areas. Darma is a valley that is situated a lot of elevation that’s why when the winter comes the whole tribe moves to their warm destination.

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13 Magnificence Villages of Darma Valley

  • Sela
  • Chal
  • Nagling
  • Baling
  • Dugtu
  • Dantu
  • Dhkar
  • Tedang
  • Shipu
  • Marcha
  • Gaw
  • Filam
  • Baun