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13 Must visit Unexplored Villages in Darma Valley Pithoragarh

Darma Valley, Dharchula Pithoragarh

Dharchula, a block in the frontier District of Pithoragarh, is home to diverse tribes residing in the picturesque Darma, Vayas, and Chaundas valleys. The convergence of the Kaliganga and Dhauliganga Rivers at Twaghat marks a significant geographical point. Following the banks of the Kaliganga leads to Vayas Valley, while tracing the path along Dhauliganga takes one to Darma Valley, with Chaundas Valley nestled in between.

Historically, these valleys have served as crucial trade routes between India and Tibet. Traders ventured to Taklakot and Gyanima market town, engaging in commerce with Tibetan counterparts. The exchange involved Tibetan goods like Yak and Goat hair, wool, and salt, while Indian traders offered sugar, molasses, and ration. During trade expeditions, women in the region dedicated themselves to cultivating crops such as Kutu and Kafanr, along with tending to fruits and vegetables.

Facts about the Rungland City Dharchula in India Nepal Border, Pithoragarh – रंग भूमि शहर

Darma Valley, renowned for its unparalleled beauty, has witnessed increased transportation facilities and a burgeoning tourism industry over the past three years. Despite its elevation, the region is now more accessible, and tourism is flourishing. In response to the harsh winter, the tribal communities traditionally migrate to warmer destinations, showcasing a harmonious blend of tradition, trade, and the captivating landscapes of Dharchula.

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13 Magnificence Villages of Darma Valley

  • Sela
  • Chal
  • Nagling
  • Baling
  • Dugtu
  • Dantu
  • Dhkar
  • Tedang
  • Shipu
  • Marcha
  • Gaw
  • Filam
  • Baun