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An amazing initiative by RJ Kaavya Dehradoon – “OHO” Radio

RJ Kavvaya on OHO Radio

It’s time to relive and the old days in a new flavour. It is the time you need to unwind the mind in the breath of fresh air with a picturesque view and listen to our very own RJ KAAVYA. Very soon, the state will have its own app-based “OHO” Radio in Hindi covering pan Uttarakhand.

“The idea behind the initiative is to reach pan Uttarakhand and change the game of how entertainment and information reach individuals”, said RJ KAAVYA.

Further adding to the information, he said, “Frequency radio stations limit our exposure especially in a hill-state like Uttarakhand. But with the spur in digital connectivity in Uttarakhand, our reach via digital radio station is phenomenal. We made the most of mobile phone and internet facility available even in the remotest of villages and started digital radio”

Yes, you heard it right

RJ KAAVYA (Kavindra Singh Mehta) has come up with this initiative of opening up Uttarakhand’s own digital Radio Station.

This time the radio will not just be about the advertisements, songs and Bollywood updates but will cover all such areas including subjects like agriculture, education, jobs, tourism, health, culture, etc, for people of all ages ranging from students to office goers, job seekers to employers. It will serve the dual purpose of entertaining the public and education them as well. The initiative aims to promote the state’s culture, folk art, music and dance and other cultural and traditional aspects of the hills.

This digital creative enterprise will bridge the gap of connecting the people living in the back of beyond to the information being spread in the mainland. This will also make people aware of various government schemes, every possible job openings, knowing our very own culture, and organised, systematic and timely updates about agriculture.

This will basically fulfil the idea of the Right to Information.

This will also act as an invisible string to hold the youth to its roots making them understand the uniqueness of the state, its culture and tradition. A sense of belongingness will arise in the hearts of the youth creating a balance of managing both cultural and modern simultaneously.

The whistle has already been blown and the green signal has been given to the much-needed act. The channel will be on the go from January 2021.

About the Man (RJ Kaavya – Kavindra Singh Mehta)

RJ Kaavya (93.5 Red FM) a veteran in the field, has spent more than 12 years as an RJ with stints in several cities like Jaipur, Kanpur, Kolkata and New Delhi has finally made a comeback. It was the year 2008 when he flunked his 11th-grade exams. With his father running a school in Bageshwar, the event came as a shock. Kavindra then completed his schooling from Delhi thereafter. It was here that he was attracted to the radio world. Eventually, realised his true calling was to become a Radio Jockey.

He took up the name ‘KAAVYA”, and then there was no going back. Soon he became a household name in the state. People would listen to his vibrant voice and start their day in a positive note.

A Man with many Talents

  • RJ Kaavya is also a YouTuber. His channel, “Uttar Ka Puttar”, has given him recognition across the states specifically in Uttarakhand.
  • He is also into music. His composition, “Ghumo Chhahe Garmi Mein Ya Ghumo Thand Mein, Har Mausam Rangila Yaha Uttarakhand Mein”, has been applauded a lot in the hilly state.
  • His own show “Ek Pahadi Aisa Bhi”, has also bagged an award at the Dehradun International Film Festival.

With this new initiative OHO Radio of his, a few things became very clear

  • Just conventional bookish knowledge is not enough to have a dream to fly high and succeed.
  • Recognise your true calling, sometimes it calls you instantly in no time, sometimes you need to discover. It might take some time, but it will benefit you for the rest of your life.
  • Communication is the key. It’s necessary to tell the ones important to you about what you want and how you want to go about it.
  • Being faithful to your craft will take you places. Be honest with your work, your work will take care of the rest.

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