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Newly discovered Bhurmuni Waterfall in Pithoragarh

Bhurmuni Waterfall Pithoragarh

A hidden gem in the Paradise – Pithoragarh City

Bhurmuni is a small village located in Pithoragarh District. Bhurmuni village is situated at around 14 Kms from City Pithoragarh towards Nakot, Chandak Road. Bhurmuni Waterfall came into the picture and became a social media sensation when a local villager posted about it on Facebook and suddenly all people started visiting this place to experience the nature and amazing views of the Waterfall.

Bhurmuni Waterfall is truly a beautiful place in the Forest of Bhurmuni. One can enjoy a short day trip to Bhurmuni if you are residing in the Pithoragarh district.

How to reach “Bhurmuni Waterfall”

If you are at Pithoragarh and planning to visit the Waterfall at Bhurmuni, It’s an amazing idea you can enjoy a short trip to Bhurmuni Forests. Bhurmuni Waterfall is around 14 Kms from district Pithoragarh.

Route: Pithoragarh – Chandak – Nakot – Road to Bhurmuni – Walk