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KUMBH: Pray that we do not fall prey, Faith really plays a major role

Kumbh Mela, Pahadi Log News

In the heat of COVID 19, the administration managing Mela is thinking over to maintain separate camps for Naga Sadhus and Senior Saints of all the 13 akharas on their respective premises. The sectors demarcated for the Kumbh Mela will not be used.

The number of sectors has been reduced from 42 to 23 because of limited occupancy and crowd management.

The proposal has been drafted by Mela Administration and will come into effect after discussions with AKHIL BHARTIYA AKHADA PARISHAD.

2020: The change in set up

In previous years, the separate land was allotted to the Naga Saints for 4 month-long periods.
Desperate times call for desperate measures., so the decision has been taken keeping in mind the current situation.

Generally, Kumbh in Haridwar starts from January, but this time it is likely to start from March when the 1st shahi snan (Royal Bath) takes place where the akhadas participates in full swing.

Narendra Giri, President, Akhil Bhartiya Akhada Parishad told TOI ” Our saints are ready to leave and will reach Haridwar from January. We are not very happy with preparation. It is the responsibility of administration to make due arrangements”.

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