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A Milky colour Waterfall in Munsiyari, Birthi Waterfall

Milky Birthi Waterfall, Munsiyari | Pahadi Log

Every tourist visiting Munsiyari stops at the Birthi waterfall falling from four hundred feet in Birthi village. It is an attraction for tourist because of its Milky colour. Birthi waterfall milky waterfall is the highest waterfall in the Kumaon region in Uttarakhand. From the side of the road leading to Munsiyari, he sees the colours of the Birthi Waterfall. From the side of the road leading to Munsiyari, he sees the colours of the Birthi fall. Birthi waterfall is located in Munsiyari, Pithoragarh. Every tourist visiting Munsiyari stops the waterfall falling from four hundred feet in Birthi. Birthi is a small village situated at an altitude of 2200 meters. The identity of the village is more due to this natural spring. In 1960, Munsiyari was connected by road, when the movement of people from this road started increasing, people started getting information about Birthi Fall. From the side of the road leading to Munsiyari, he sees the colours of the Birthi fall. The water of Birthi fall increases considerably in the rainy season, but in summer the amount of water does not decrease because the ice of the southern part of Khalia Top keeps the fall alive.

There are many waterfalls in Uttarakhand, the city of Gods, but the talk of Birthi all is unique. Situated at a distance of about 15 km from Tejam, the Birthi Falls falls on top of lush green forests and strong rock which falls from a height of about 125 m.

This waterfall makes tourists coming from far away stay. Standing in front of the waterfall, its water drops falling on the face removes all the fatigue of the journey. The closer you get to this waterfall, the more it thrills you, when the sun’s slanting rays always form a beautiful rainbow around it. Tourists who migrate to Munsari get to see it. This waterfall falls about 35 km before Munsiyari.

Importance of Milky Birthi waterfall, Munsiyari in Tourism

Pithoragarh District Administration has also included Birthi waterfall milky waterfall in the list of sightseeing in the district. Ever since the development of Munsiyari began to develop and the Internet grew, the fame of Birthi Fall started spreading far and wide. Sitting near the Birthi waterfall, the water droplets coming from the waterfall gives freshness to the people. If seen from the point of view of tourism, people come to see it from every corner of the country. Sitting around it, enjoying tea in cold winters and Maggi of Maggi Point is also very much liked. Which also employs the people around.

As this waterfall promotes tourism very well, the water of this waterfall is used for irrigation and drinking of the fields in the villages and also quenches the thirst of cattle that graze in the forest.

How to Reach Birthi Waterfall

  • The distance from Haldwani to Birthi is 270 kilometres.
  • From Haldwani, via Almora, one has to reach the ground first through Bedding.
  • Birthi falls come 35 km before Munsiyari on Thal to Munsiyari road.
  • The distance of Birthi from Pithoragarh district headquarters is 100 KMs.
  • From the District headquarters, people can return to Birthi on the same day.

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